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Meet Steve & Nicole

Steve and Nicole Viola are the husband and wife team behind Ivory & Oak who reside in Westchester, NY with their three kids, 2 cats and dog. Their 20 years of experience in construction, design and real estate has allowed them to hone their craft and streamline the renovation process. They develop each project as if it was their own, thinking through every detail and decision to ensure it’s the appropriate one, while keeping true to their client’s lifestyle and aesthetic. Building a company that holds their values high while maintaining a reputation of exceptional craftsmanship is the core of their business.

"Ivory & Oak renovated our 90-year-old house into the home of our dreams. Nicole’s designs were perfect for the aesthetic we were looking for and she helped make many of my Pinterest dreams come true. I feel like I get to wake up everyday in my dream house!


Ivory & Oak_Custom Home Design & Build_Westchester County, NY_img.890A8921.jpg
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